Sunday, October 16, 2011

Backyard beer brewing

Have you ever spent a whole afternoon watching water boil? For Science?!? If you are testing out a home brewers rig, you have.

This is Carl. This are his 3 brew kettles, out for their first functioning test, using just hot water. It has taken Carl 2 years to create this particular rig, from buying the kettles, wielding the connections, constructing the plate heat exchanger, and rewiring, per California code, the whole garage. This rig is electrical, not your typical propane rig, which has its own set of issues, such as electricity in a very wet environment.

The first tank is a Hot Liquid Tank. It boils water. The hot water in this tank is used to regulate the water temperature in the second, middle tank. The yellow electrical cable connects to a large heating coil in the first tank. The water enters and returns to and from tank 1 to tank 2 via tubing connected to the copper coils poking out of the top. Carl is futsing with the pump.

The second tank is the Mash Tun.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of Hot Water!!!

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