Friday, August 28, 2009

I am in France

So Huug and I spend 10 hours in flight, 4 hours form SFO to Toronto then another 7 to Munich. Not so bad - slept most of it with the help of Jack and Ambian. But.... we picked up our rental car from Avis (they were very nice) (and the car is nice to) and we drove for 10 fucking hours!!!!! The far as we got was Metz. Very nice city. We did not get farther because we both were stincky, hungary, grouchy, need to stretch, sleepy, wired, insert loud scream here OOOOOOOOOOO. No human beings should be kooped up in a tin can under pressure for more than 10 hours. and then to do it 2x in a row is asking for trouble.

no trouble came - Hugh ate a pizza, and I drank a whole bottle of red french wine. we are now sidated.

now we must sleep so we can drive to normany tomorrow!!!

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