Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grizzly Peak Half Marathon

This Sunday April 7, 2013, I will be running the Grizzly Peak Half Marathon.

The Grizzly Peak race is composed of five different races to choose from: 10K, Half Marathon, 30K, Full Marathon and a 50K. The race course for all five races overlap each other in loops around Tilden Park, the East Bay park above the Berkeley Hills. As demonstrated in the picture, there are panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. This is a beautiful route, and one of my regular training run areas.

The highest elevation, the peak itself is only 1,400 feet. Of coarse, with this race, there will be rolling hills, many, many rolling hills. The Half Marathon will have 3,850 in elevation gain, 63% single track, 35% dirt road, 2% asphalt - a proper trail run/race.

The race offers aid stations every 6 miles, and a race day tee shirt! The race will probably sell out!

My brother and sister-in-law will be joining me in this race. After the race we are having rabbit stew! Noms!

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