Friday, March 2, 2012

USA air carriers

The only good thing about USA air carriers is safety records. I mean maintenance, not this false anti terrorism, anti homemade lunch safety protocol.

Give me a 19 hour bus ride with border delays any day. At least on a bus you can buy coffee for .50 from a local vendor, and have interesting conversation, instead of paying $5.00 for a bad cup of coffee and then told you are not allowed to sit at the bar with your coffee because you chose a take-away cup instead of a ceramic cup.

And a 6 hour flight is going to take about 20 hours anyway. 3 hours for security and bag checks, 1 hour delay, 3 hour flight, 2 hour layover and immigration, missed connection, 6 hour wait (if not next day) for a new connection, 3 hour flight, immigration processing and delay. Plus extra taxes that you don't pay if you take the bus. Oh, and the bus costs a fraction of an air ticket.

I am comparing my ride from Panama City to San Jose to my flight from San Jose to San Francisco - USA. The ride from Panama to costa rica is easy and comfortable. Yes it is long, yes the border is busy and the electricity went out so there was further delays until the power went back on. Yes we got a drug dog a bag incorrectly for another hour delay. But the ride was enjoyable, comfortable, no extra taxes, no confiscation of dangerous possibly exploding water and forks for your lunch, no confiscation of your apples.

American air flight is insulting, unpleasant, mean, abrasive, unfriendly, hunger inducing, expensive, and inefficient. If it was possible to take a bus, I would.

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