Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eastern Europe Trip

This August me and two of my brothers (Pete and Joe) are going to travel Eastern Europe. We have been to Slovakia before; we have in-laws in Trencin, and our father is from Poland. However, I have never had the opportunity to really travel the land of our heritage. This trip is one of my lifetime goals.

My brother John has been all over Eastern Europe, and has recommended Crakow and Prague. These are two of his favorite cities. He knows beautiful cities; he lives in San Francisco now. 

To prepare for the trip I am trying to learn Slovak. Slovak, Czech and Polish are very similar, and those three countries will be our main focus. However we will also be traveling in the Ukraine, Croatia, Germany, France, Hungary, and maybe pass through a few other places.

The goal of this blog is to keep my husband and our mother up to date on the trip.

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